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High Minded Sounds [Playlist Update]

We’ve got the latest tracks to elevate your vibe. Our Spotify playlist just got updated with ten new songs that are perfect for your next session. Here’s what’s fresh this week, with some current news highlights for each artist:

  1. "Elevate" by Ye$haYahu
    Ye$haYahu is making waves with his recent collaboration with emerging artists in the underground hip-hop scene. His track "Elevate" is all about lifting your spirits and setting a good mood. It’s a solid track to start your chill time.
  2. "Winners In Paris" by Sleepy Hallow
    Sleepy Hallow has been in the news recently for his involvement in the inaugural Sleepy Hollow Music Festival, set for June 8, 2024. This festival marks a significant moment for the artist and his community, celebrating local music and culture​ (Hudson Indy News)​.
  3. "Pray For Me" by Locksmith, featuring Rexx Life Raj & JANE HANDCOCK
    Locksmith is currently gearing up for a summer tour that promises to bring his powerful lyrics and soulful beats to fans across the country. "Pray For Me" is perfect for when you’re in a reflective mood and need a soundtrack that matches.
  4. "Sweet Divorce" by RMR
    RMR has been teasing new music on social media, hinting at an upcoming album that blends his unique genre-crossing style. "Sweet Divorce" hits hard with emotion and is a great addition to your playlist for those deep, contemplative moments.
  5. "What’s That?" by Joyner Lucas
    Joyner Lucas recently announced a collaboration with a major fashion brand, combining his music with a unique apparel line. His track "What’s That?" is introspective but still has a beat that keeps things moving, ideal for zoning out and thinking deep.
  6. "Fly Away" by Adam Yokum & Ollie Joseph
    Adam Yokum and Ollie Joseph are currently on the rise, with "Fly Away" being featured in several indie film soundtracks. This track lets your mind drift along with the rhythm, perfect for a light and airy escape.
  7. "Heart On The Line" by Fridayy
    With heartfelt lyrics and smooth melodies, Fridayy's "Heart On The Line" captures the ups and downs of love. Fridayy has also been involved in charity work recently, supporting mental health initiatives through his music.
  8. "Champion" by Johnny Cocoa
    Need a confidence boost? Johnny Cocoa's latest project involves mentoring young musicians, helping them find their voice. "Champion" is high-energy and motivational, perfect for when you need a little push.
  9. "Feel so cold" by Carpetman
    Carpetman has been making headlines for his innovative approach to music production, using AI tools to create unique soundscapes. "Feel so cold" is perfect for chilling out and letting the soundscapes take you away.
  10. "I Don’t Apologize" by Kevin Gates
    Kevin Gates rounds out the list with "I Don’t Apologize," and he’s been busy with his recent venture into the podcasting world, where he shares insights on music and life. This track is full of swagger and self-assurance, a reminder to stay true to yourself.

So, crack open a Drippy cannabis beverage, kick back, and let our playlist elevate your experience. Whether you're new to THC drinks or a seasoned connoisseur, our THC-infused drinks offer the best way to unwind and enjoy high-quality music. Stay tuned for more curated tunes and continue exploring the best THC drinks on the market. Cheers to good vibes and great music!

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