High Minded Sounds - Enhancing Music with THC-Infused Sodas

High Minded Sounds - Enhancing Music with THC-Infused Sodas

Hey, Drippy crew! 🥤

This week’s High-Minded Sound drop is a straight-up assault on boring vibes. We've curated a savage blend of tracks that are here to make your ears bleed bliss. Start with BloccRich Monsta’s “Let Me Breathe” — because we all need a second to catch our breath before diving into the chaos of the week. Then, get ready to wreck your sound system with $uicideboy$'s “Are You Going to See the Rose in the Vase or the Dust on the Table.” It's not just a song; it’s an existential crisis with a killer beat.

This playlist is designed to take you from chill to thrill and back again, all while sipping on your favorite Drippy cannabis-infused beverage. Let’s dive into this week’s selections:

  1. "Let Me Breathe" by BloccRich Monsta
    BloccRich Monsta sets the tone with a powerful anthem that gives you a moment to pause and reflect, all while riding a wave of hard-hitting beats. Follow him on Instagram @bloccrich_monsta.
  2. "Colosseum" by Diversify, Gucci Mane, Rick Ross, Blueface
    This collaboration is a heavyweight showdown with massive energy. It's the kind of track that commands attention. Follow @laflare1017, @richforever, and @bluefasebabby on Instagram.
  3. "Maktub" by Belly, Elyanna, MC Abdul
    "Maktub" is a blend of introspective lyrics and smooth flows that transport you to another realm. Follow @belly, @elyanna, and @mca.rap on Instagram.
  4. "Cloverfield (feat. Young M.A)" by The Last Artful, Dodgr, Young M.A
    This track combines unique beats and sharp lyrics, creating an unforgettable listening experience. Follow @youngma and @thelastartful on Instagram.
  5. "Are You Going to See the Rose in the Vase, or the Dust on the Table" by $uicideboy$
    A deep, existential track that hits hard both lyrically and sonically. Follow @suicideboys on Instagram.
  6. "All Weekend" by Goldsmith
    Goldsmith’s track is perfect for those lazy days or wild weekends, providing a versatile soundtrack for any activity.
  7. "Must Be The Weed" by Johnny Cocoa
    A track that perfectly encapsulates the laid-back, chilled-out vibe we all crave. Follow @johnnycocoa_ on Instagram.
  8. "Meant 2 Be - Remix" by MANILA GREY
    This remix brings fresh energy and a new twist to the original, keeping things exciting and vibrant. Follow @manilagrey on Instagram.
  9. "For The Squadron" by SAINt JHN
    A high-energy anthem that gets you hyped and ready for anything. Follow @saintjhn on Instagram.
  10. "HOLLANDAISE" by Ab-Soul
    Closing out the playlist with a deep, introspective track that leaves you reflecting on the journey. Follow @souloho3 on Instagram.

So, crack open a Drippy cannabis beverage, kick back, and let our playlist elevate your experience. Whether you're new to THC drinks or a seasoned connoisseur, our THC-infused drinks offer the best way to unwind and enjoy the sounds. Stay tuned for more curated tunes and continue exploring the best THC drinks on the market. Cheers to good vibes and great music!

Cheers, The Drippy Team 🎶

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