Elevating Sounds with THC Infused Drippy Soda - HMS Weekly Update

Elevating Sounds with THC Infused Drippy Soda - HMS Weekly Update

Hey, Drippy crew 🥤

We’ve got the latest tracks to elevate your vibe. Our Spotify playlist has ten new songs perfect for your next session. Here’s what’s fresh this week:

  1. "Trae The Truth in Ibiza" by J. Cole
    J. Cole continues to impress with his introspective and lyrical prowess. Follow him on Instagram @realcoleworld. "Trae The Truth in Ibiza" is a strong opener, blending chill vibes with deep lyrics.
  2. "MYA" by OMEN NORTH
    OMEN NORTH is making waves with his unique sound and powerful tracks. Follow him on Instagram @omennorth. "MYA" is perfect for setting a laid-back yet thoughtful mood.
  3. "cRASH oUT" by Katori Walker
    Katori Walker is known for his raw and honest lyrics. Follow him on Instagram @katoriwalker. "cRASH oUT" captures his signature style and is a must-listen.
  4. "Nobody Like Me" by Ekoh, Tech N9ne
    Ekoh teams up with Tech N9ne for this powerful track. Follow @ekohmusic and @therealtechn9ne on Instagram. "Nobody Like Me" combines their unique talents for an unforgettable song​ (LIVE IN LIMBO)​​ (S.L.R. Magazine)​​ (Prelude Press)​.
  5. "Make a W (feat. Skrillex, AJ Tracey & BEAM)" by Headie One, Skrillex, AJ Tracey, BEAM
    This collaboration is packed with talent and energy. Follow @headieone, @skrillex, @ajtracey, and @whoisbeam on Instagram. "Make a W" is an energetic anthem that will keep you pumped.
  6. "Baddest In The Room" by Fridayy
    Fridayy continues to make waves with his introspective and melodic music. Follow him on Instagram @fridayy. "Baddest In The Room" is an exploration of personal growth and self-improvement.
  7. "SPANiSH HARLEM" by MiTCH, Diimes
    MiTCH and Diimes deliver a track that's both energetic and smooth. Follow @mitchavelli_ and @theunclebuck on Instagram. "SPANiSH HARLEM" is perfect for a chill vibe.
  8. "Lemonade - Acoustic" by Sam James
    Sam James provides a soothing acoustic version of his popular track. Follow him on Instagram @imsamjames. "Lemonade - Acoustic" is ideal for relaxing and unwinding.
  9. "One Of Them Ones" by Gifted Hands
    Gifted Hands brings a heartfelt and powerful message with "One Of Them Ones." Follow him on Instagram @iamgiftedhands. This track is a strong, confident addition to any playlist.
    RUSSELL! closes out our list with "DIAMOND RING," a track that showcases his unique style and lyrical talent. Follow him on Instagram @russellislovely. This song wraps up the playlist with a memorable vibe.

So, crack open a Drippy cannabis beverage, kick back, and let our playlist elevate your experience. Whether you're new to THC drinks or a seasoned connoisseur, our THC-infused drinks offer the best way to unwind and enjoy high-quality music. Stay tuned for more curated tunes and continue exploring the best THC drinks on the market. Cheers to good vibes and great music!

Cheers, The Drippy Team 🎶

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