High Club


High Club House 🥤 will be our home in the Metaverse go take a walk around yourself. This space will become a place for live music events and future product drops for members only.

If you are a Drippy High Club OG some of you can see your 1/1 artwork hanging on the walls already! 👀 

House warming party coming soon.




High Club will give users access to the company slack portal to watch the company build in real time vote on Drippy activities and product roadmap, big and small. This will be partially a community grown company where user feedback will be the most important.

Access to events that you can't buy, like recording studio sessions with top artists, backstage at shows, merchandise that will only be available to High Club.

See the collection of 1 of 1 NFTs made exclusively for their holders, not some BS mint.

The Drippy High Club is a collection of 1000 OGs. All membership passes will be gifted to holders over the next 1 year to be complete June 15, 2023. No mint, No WL, no sales only blessings.